Our Mission and Core values

Our mission is to lead people to Jesus and equip them to mature in Christ to fulfill their God-given life mission. We are dedicated to Christ’s evangelism, ministry, discipleship, and worship mission.

Our Values


We are dedicated to sharing God’s Word through evangelism. We are Christ’s ambassadors and believe it is our duty to spread the Good News wherever we go. In fact, evangelism is more than a responsibility; it is a tremendous honor. We are committed to reaching as many people as possible who do not know Christ with God’s saving message of grace and love.


We are committed to demonstrating God’s love through service. Ministry is showing God’s love to others by meeting their needs and healing their hurts in the name of Jesus. We believe as God’s people we are called to minister to all kinds of needs: spiritual, emotional, relational, and physical. You minister to others every time you reach out in love to them.


We are dedicated to teaching God's people through discipleship. After someone has made a decision for Christ, we are responsible for bringing them to spiritual maturity by teaching them to obey Christ and become more like him in their thoughts, feelings, and actions. This is God's will for every believer.


We are committed to celebrating God’s presence in worship. Worship is focusing our lives on God. Whether we are alone, in a small group, or in a crowd makes no difference. We worship God whenever we express our love for Him. We worship God because He deserves it, and we want to magnify and exalt His name.